Who is Who In kpk?

In which, we Show you About the Who Is Who In the Government Of KPK. We chose some Important Question In KPK Government. These Question play very Important role in previous and upcoming  Jobs paper and Interview.

Q No 1:   Who is current Speaker of  kpk?
 (A) Pervez Khattak (B) Maleeha Lodhi      (C) Mushtaq Ghani (D) Asad Umar

Q No 2:   Who is current deputy Speaker of kpk?
(A)  Maleeha Lodhi        (B) Ch. Nisar Ali Khan        (C)    Masood Khan     (D) Mehmood Jan

Q No 3:    Who are CMs of kpk?
(A) Mehmood Khan (B)  Maleeha Lodhi                  (C) Asad Umar  (D) Fawad Chaudhry

Q No 4:      Name the governor of kpk?
(A)  Masood Khan               (B)  Shah Farman  (C) Pervez Khattak  (D)  Maleeha Lodhi

Q No 5:     Name the opposition leaders of kpk?
(A)  Ch. Nisar Ali Khan              (B)   Masood Khan                     (C)      Maleeha Lodhi               (D)  Akram Khan Duran

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