Pakistan General Knowledge MCQs

In these, We Share very Importantly MCQs question with the answer. These question will be repeated again and Again in Pakistan General Knowledge Papers and Interview.

general knowledge about pakistan with answers

General knowledge about pakistan

Q No 1:  Which transgender person has become the first news anchor in Pakistan’s history?
A.         Navada      B. Marvia Malik C. Rayna         D. Shayna

Q No 2:  Who was the second Governor-General of Pakistan?
A.          Liaquat Ali Khan          B. Abdul Rab Nishter                    C. Raja Ghazanfar                    D. Khawaja Nazim-ud-Din

Q No 3:  Air Chief Marshal (ACM) Mujahid Anwar is the ———- Chief of Air Staff of Pakistan Air Force?
A.       20th         B. 21st         C. 22nd D. 23rd

Q No 4:  Who becomes the Youngest Pakistani Cricketer to Receive Sitara-e-Imtiaz, the third highest civil award of Pakistan?
A. Sarfraz Ahmed  B. Hasan Ali      C. Shahid Afridi        D. Younis Khan

Q No 5:  Name the Sri Lankan President, who was the guest of honour at the ceremony of Pakistan Day 2018?
A. William Gopallawa         B. Dingiri Banda Wijetunga           C. Mahinda Rajapaksa          D. Maithripala Sirisena

Q No 6:  Sherry Rehman has become the leader of opposition in the Senate with the support of ——– members?

A. 31            B. 32        C. 34 D. 33

Q No 7:  Pakistan has achieved the lowest ever case count of polio in 2017. The number of total cases is?
A. 10            B. 9          C. D. 6

Q No 8:  General Qamar Javed Bajwa has called on which country’s Minister for Defense on 22 March 2018?
A. Oman    B. Thailand           C. Russia            D. USA

Q No 9:  ECP has announced to set up ——— display centres for voters lists in Pakistan?
A. 15487         B. 16487                 C. 14487 D. 13487

Q No 10:  As per ‘Tobacco Atlas’, how many people are being killed by tobacco-related diseases in Pakistan annually?
A. 170,000      B. 180,000             C. 160,000 D. 190,000

Q No 11:  Burj Khalifa was lighted up with green and white spectacular LED illumination of the Pakistani national flag on country’s ———– Pakistan Day?

A. 76th           B. 77th                    C. 78th D. 79th

Q No 12:  Which city of Pakistan has hosted Pakistan’s first-ever Biennale?
A. Karachi     B. Lahore  C. Islamabad        D. Rawalpindi

Q No 13:  Pakistan women cricket team has won three-match series against which country?
A. Srilanka  B. India                     C. Bangladesh           D. Australia

Q No 14:  As per a report by the World Travel and Tourism Council, Travel and tourism contributed approximately Rs ——- billion to Pakistan’s economy in 2017?
 A 935              B 940                                 C 931 D 945

Q No 15:  Who has become the first female Senate opposition leader in Pakistan?
A. Khushbakht Shujat          B. Sherry Rehman C. Krishna Kumari              D. Abida Muhammad Azeem

Q No 16:  Which country has provided ‘high-performance tracking system’ for Pakistan’s missile programme?
A. China B. USA             C. Russia           D. Germany

Q No 17:  The Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (Suparco) inked a deal with whom to acquire communication satellite (PakSat-MM1)?
A. Aerospace company of China                                     B. China Great Wall Industry Cooperation (CGWIC) C. Aerospace companies of Australia                       D. Aerospace companies of USA

Q No 18:  Pakistan has acquired another communication satellite on March 22, 2018, named as ——-?
A. PakSat-MM2       B. PakSat-MM1 C. PakSat-MM3         D. PakSat-MM4

Q No 19:  Sohail Ahmed Tipu was found hanging from a ceiling fan at his residence on March 22, 2018. He was working on which position?
A. AC Gujranwala         B. DC Gujranwala  C. AIG Punjab police       D. DIG Punjab police

Q No 20:  The ——- Pakistan Day was celebrated across the country on 23rd March 2018?
A. 79th         B. 77th         C. 78th  D. 80th

Q No 21:  Sindh government on Pakistan Day 2018 has announced a ——- day reduction in the sentence of convicts imprisoned in the province’s jails?
A. 90          B. 30              C. 60  D. 120

Q No 22:  SBP has denied the issuance of ——– RS banknote, as continuously rumours were circulating on the social media regarding the issuance of the note?
A. 1            B. 2                 C. 10000  D. 5

General knowledge about pakistan with answers

Q No 23: Which country’s President has been the Guest of Honor on Pakistan Day (23 March 2018) parade?
A. Srilanka B. India           C. Bangladesh        D. S.Africa

Q No 24: Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain has awarded ——— Pakistani citizens and foreign nationals for their extraordinary services in many fields, including science, literature, arts, sports and media on 23 March 2018?
A. 145                B. 148            C. 141  D. 139

Q No 25:  According to UNICEF’s report, in Pakistan, clean drinking water is available to only ——-% of the population?

A. 50                 B. 70                C. 30 D. 10

Q No 25:      National code of Pakistan is?
A. PAK           B. PK  C. PAKI              D. None of them
Q No 26:    Where is Warsak Dam of Pakistan situated?
A. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa  B. Punjab                C. Sindh               D. Balochistan

Q No 27:      Gaddani is famous for ———– ?
A. Ship Breaking  B. Ship making        C. Fishing           D. None of them
Q No 28:      The Largest Cotton Exchange Building of Pakistan is situated in ——— ?
A. Karachi  B. Lahore          C. Faisalabad          D. Sargodha
Q No 29:      Clifton Beach is located in ——— ?
A. Hyderabad              B. Karachi  C. Jamshoro                       D. Kotri
Q No 30:      Kaleji Lake, Kadeiro Lake and keenjhar Lake are located in ——— ?
A. Sindh  B. Balochistan          C. Sindh & Balochistan             D. None of them
Q No 31:      Shah Jahan Mosque is located in ———- ?
A. Thatta  B. Jacobabad        C. Sibi            D. Chiniot
A. Islamabad B. Rawalpindi            C. Murree                D. Peshawar
Q No 32:      Identify the largest cantonment of Pakistan?
A. Kharian Cantt  B. Quetta Cantt            C. Okara Cantt              D. Karachi Cantt
Q No 33:      Which city of Pakistan held the OIC Conference in 1997?
A. Lahore            B. Islamabad  C. Karachi                  D. Peshawar
Q No 34:      In which year was OIC founded?
A. 1970
B. 1931
C. 1980
D. 1969
Q No 35:      Length of common border of Pakistan and Afghanistan is?
A. 2232 Km                 B. 2282 Km            C. 2350 Km                   D. 2430 Km
Q No 36:      The Kargil incident happened in?
A. 1998          B. 1997        C. 1999  D. 2010
Q No 37:      Which country assisted Pakistan in the construction of Sandak Project?
A. Iran               B. Saudi Arabia               C. Afghanistan           D. China
Q No 38:      When was Liaquat Nehru Pact between India and Pakistan signed?
A. 1950  B. 1955          C. 1964        D. 1951
Q No 39:      Who was the First woman Governor of State Bank of Pakistan?
A. Noor Jahan           B. Dr Shamshad Akhter  C. Farzana Raja         D. Dr Ashraf Abbasi
Q No 40:      Mirpur is a famous city of?
A. KPK        B. Punjab          C. Azad Kashmir  D. None of them

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