Natural Resources /Climate and Rainfall in Pakistan

1. In  Pakistan, the places of Dhulian, Tut and Mial are famous in respect of:
(A) Coal mines                          (B) Saltmines
(C) Iron                                    (D) Petroleum deposits
2. In Pakistan, Sui (Hah, ch,Man) is world famous for its natural i-as deposits and Makarawal is known for
the coal mines hut Kalahari, is famous for its:
(A) Limestone
(B) Marble
(C) Sulphur deposits
(D) Iron deposits
3. In Punjab, the Kala Chita range has large deposits of:
(A) Copper                                       (B) Gypsum
( c ) Salt  (D)Marble
4. Sulphur deposits are found in districts of:
(A) swabi and Swat                                   (B) Jacobab and Mardan
(C) Mirpurand                                           (D) Larkanaand

Climate and Rainfall
1. During the period front January to December each year Pakistan witnesses:
(A) Three seasons                            (B) Four Seasons
(C) Five seasons                              (D) Six seasons
2. In Pakistan, the Monsoon season lasts from:
(A) April to May
(B) June to December
(C) May to June
(D) July to September
3. In terms of temperature the hottest place in Pakistan is:
(A) Multan                             (B) Jacobabad
(C) Sibi                                  (D) Hyderabad
4. The place in Pakistan which has the absolute minimum temperature of –
16°C is:
(A)Skardu (B) Murree
C) Drosh                              (D)  Sialkot
5. The amount of mean annual rainfall at Lahore is 28.6 Inches, at Sialkot
34.7 inches, at Karachi 8.9 inches but Murree is
(A) 64.6 inches                          (B) 54.6 inches

(C)  64.6 inches (D)76.3 inches
6. The place which receives highest amount of rainfall through monsoon is:
(A) Peshawar                                  (B) Murree
(C) Sialkot                                       (D) Rawalpindi
7. The amount of mean annual rainfall in Lasbella is:
(A) 17.6 inches                        (B) 27.6 inches
(C)7.6 inches  (D) 37.6 inches

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