These, we Share Full complete Past paper of  JUNIOR PATROL OFFICER  with Answer Keys. Correct Answer will be Highlighted In Red colour. This Past paper very Helpful to Get Idea In Next paper and also to Increase your Knowledge.

Islamic Knowledge portion start

Q No 1:  Prophet PBUH was died in?
(A) 630          (B) 628       (C) 626       (D) 632
Q No 2:   Duration of Quran’ revelation
(A)  20 years        (B)  23 years     (C)   31 years    (D)   32  years
Q No 3:  Nijashi belongs to
(A) Iran               (B) Ethiopia              (C) Iraq         (D) Syri
Q No 4:    Sprite of Islam is written by
(A) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan      (B) Syed Amir Ali      (C) Ch Rehmat Ali      (D) Allama Iqbal
Q No 5:   First Islamic ruler in the subcontinent.
(A) Akbar       (B) Qutabudin Aebak      (C) Jahangir      (D) Humayun
Q No 6:   Comrade newspaper was published in 1913 by the:
(A) Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar       (B) Muhammad Ali Jinnah        (C) Maulana Zafar Ali Khan         (D) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
Q No 7:    Sword of Allah was
(A) Hazrat Bilal     (B) Hazrat Ali     (C) Hazrat Umar      (D) Khalid bin Walid

Pak Study portion start

Q No 8:   First president of Pakistan was
(A) Ayube Khan      (B) Quaid Azam       (C) Iskandar Mirza      (D) Liaqat Ali Khan
Q No 9:    Congress was formed by
(A) VP Menon     (B) A.O Hume     (C) Gandhi       (D) Sardar Patail
Q No 10:   Friends Not Masters book was written by
(A) Ayub Khan    (B) Sikandar Mirza    (C) Pervez Musharraf    (D) Ch Muhammad Ali
Q No 11: the Objective resolution was passed In
(A) 1947          (B) 1948     (C) 1950        (D) 1949
Q No 12:   First constitution of Pakistan issued in:
(A) 1952      (B) 1953    (C) 1956         (D) 1973
Q No 13:    First election in Pakistan held in
(A) 1953       (B) 1970      (C) 1962        (D) 1973
Q No 14:   Zia imposed martial law in Pakistan
(A) 5 July 1977           (B) 15 June 1975           (C) 5 July 1976          (D) 5 July 1978
Q No 15:   Current GST rate is
(A) 12%       (B) 13%        (C) 14%         (D) 17%

General Knowledge portion start:

Q No 16:   Obama belongs to
(A) Democratic Party     (B) Conservative Party     (C) Republic Party      (D) none of these
Q No 17:   The Indus Water Treaty was mediated by:
(A) IMF        (B) USA     (C) World Bank        (D) Britain
Q No 18:    Civil war in the USA started in the era
(A) Bush-era      (B) Abraham Lincoln reign      (C) Bill Clinton era    (D) Nixon reign
Q No 19:    Prague is the capital of
(A) Czech Republic      (B) Germany     (C) Malaysia     (D) Indonesia
Q No 20:    Yen is the currency of
(A) Malaysia     (B) Indonesia      (C) Nepal      (D) Japan
Q No 21:    Netherland is new name of:
(A) France     (B) Spain      (C) Holland      (D) England
Q No 22:    Ottoman capital was
(A) Damascus    (B) Constantinople      (C) Rome         (D) Madrid
Q No 23:    The Leader book is written by Gary Glitter and Mike Leander and produced by
(A) Mike Leander     (B) Lenin       (C) Hegel         (D) Marx
Q No 24:   Naqsh e Faryadi is written by
(A) Allama Iqbal      (B) Hafiz Jalandhry      (C) Qateel Shafai      (D) Faiz
Q No 25:   Who represented Pakistan in UN?
(A) Faiz Ahmad Faiz     (B) Ahmad Faraz     (C) Patras Bukhari     (D) Qateel Shafai
Q No 26:   Theory of Evolution is by
(A) Nixon      (B) Darwin      (C) Nicholson     (D) Marx
Q No 27:   Theory of graviton by
(A) Marx      (B) Hegal      (C) Nixon      (D) Newton
Q No 28:   Theory of motion by
(A) Darwin      (B) Marx       (C) Newton      (D) Hegal
Q No 29:   Champion trophy 2013 was held in
(A) USA      (B) England      (C) France     (D) Pakistan
Q No 30:    Napoleon defeated in which war
(A)  Waterloo    (B) Boxer     (C)  Delhi      (D) Karnataka
Q No 31:  Shokes Holls is the character of
(A) John Milton        (B)Chaucer            (C) Keats          (D)  Shakespeare
Q No 32:   Manmohan Singh is
(A) poet    (B) novelist      (C) Economist       (D) cricketer
Q No 33:  Mother Teresa was
(A) Doctor     (B)   social worker     (C) teacher        (D)  politician
Q No 34:   Iranian present president
(A) Hassan Rohani      (B) Hashmi Rafsanjani     (C) Ali Khamnai     (D) Muhammad Khatami
Q No 35:    Bashar al Assad is a president of
(A) Egypt       (B) Malaysia      (C) Indonesia      (D) Syria
Q No 36:    Diamir Bhasha Dam is in:
(A) Peshawar                 (B) DG Khan         (C) Gilgat          (D) Rawalpindi
Q No 37:   Durand Line is between Pakistan and:
(A) India      (B) Afghanistan       (C) Nepal        (D) Bangladesh
Q No 38:   Formosa is the old name of:
(A) Cambodia        (B) Rhodesia       (C) Taiwan       (D) Bangkok
Q No 39:    Financial Deficit means:
(A)  accessed of issuing paper money    (B) increased price  (C) decreased price    (D) none of these
Q No 40:    Defence minister of Pakistan
(A) Khawaja Asif     (B) Shahbaz Sharif      (C) Ishaq Dar      (D) None of these
Q No 41:    Chief Minister of KPK is
(A) Abdul Malik    (B)  Sami Durran     (C) Perveez Khatak     (D)  Mehmood Khan
Q No 42:   Lowest density of population in which  province
(A) Punjab   (B) Balochistan    (C) KPK      (D) Sindh
Q No 43:    Confucius was ancient philosopher of
(A) China     (B) Egypt      (C) Japan      (D) Indonesia
Q No 44:   Sacred book of Sikhism was written by
(A) Bhai Maharaj Singh       (B) Bikramjit Singh Sandhar     (C)Bhai Sahib Mohinder     (D) Singh Guru Nanak
Q No 45:     The first international organization was:
(A) United Nations       (B) Commonwealth Organization      (C) League of Nations       (D) None of the above
Q No 46:    Alexander belongs to
(A) Iran      (B) Iraq    (C) Macedonia      (D) Syria
Q No 47:  Windows application for PC designed
(A) Babbage      (B) Nicholson       (C) Nixon      (D) Bill Gates
Q No 48:   Number of total Round Table Conferences are.
(A) 3       (B) 5           (C) 7       (D) 6
Q No 49:       Capital of India before British took powers
(A) Delhi      (B) Lucknow      (C) Calcutta     (D) Madras
Q No 50:   Mohammad bin Qasim was relative of
(A) Hajajb in Yousaf     (B) Tariq bin Ziad     (C) Raja Dahir     (D) none of these

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