In which we Share complete past paper of INSPECTOR, COOPERATIVE SOCIETIES (2017). We also to Highlight the correct answer of this paper INSPECTOR, COOPERATIVE SOCIETIES (2017). IN this way you Get the idea of how you can prepare Next   Paper.

Past paper

Q No 1:   WORM, In the field of computers, stands for
 (A) Write once Read Many (B) Writable on Random Memory    (C) Write once Read Memory    (D) None of these

Q No 2:  Gandhi-Jinnah talks were held In 1044 to discuss the C.R. A formula, prepared by:
 (A) Raja Gopal Acharya (B) V.P. Menon     (C) Abu-ai-Kalam Azad     (D) LordWaveil

Q No 3:   Complete the Idiom/ Proverb: A bad workman quarrels with his  —–
 (A) Tools  (B) Nalls     (C) Hammer     (D) Anvil

Q No 4:   In the Obama Administration Ashton Carter was the:
 (A) US Ambassador to Pakistan     (B) US Foreign Secretary      (C) US Secretary of Defence  (D) None of these

Q No 5:    Which of the following Organization did Pakistan Join In 1968?
 (A) SAARC       (B) NAM     (C) OIC (D) D-8

Q No 6:    The AIDS virus Is called:
 A) A.I.B      (B) B.I.H      (C) H.I.V (D ) V.I.H

Q No 7:     The Headquarters of the Aslan Development Bank Is located In:
 A) Bangkok      (B) Manila  (C) Tokyo      (D) Kuala Lumpur

Q No 8:    The novel “Old Man and the Sea” was written By:

 (A) T.B. Eliot (B) H.V, Hudson (C) Hemingway

Q No 9:   Which country  known as the ‘Land of Prophets
 (A) Iraq    (B) Saudi Arabia   (C) Syria (D)  Palestine

Q No 10:    The World Humanitarian Summit (WH8) conference was                             held on 23-24 May,!2018 in:
 (A) Cairo, Egypt     (B) New York, USA     (C) Istanbul, Turkey (D) Paris, France

Q No 11:    Which country was Invaded twice by Germany
 In the 20” century and Itself had brutally colonized Congo?
 (A) Belgium (B)  Poland   (C)   France   (D)  UK

Q No 12:   Fill In the blank: “He suggested that the meeting__________            postpone.
 (A) Be     (B) Is     (C) Must (D) About

Q No 13:   To fill a tank 26 buckets of water are required, How many buckets of water wlH be required to fill the same tank If the capacity of the bucket Is reduced to two-fifths of Its present capacity?
 (A) 30         (B) 36       (C) 62 .6  (D) None of these

Q No 14:      Which among the following Is the highest award for bravery?
 (A) Sitara-e-Shujaat (B) Hilal-e-Shujaat        (C) Nishan-e-ShuJaat     (D) Tamgha-e-ShuJaat

Q No 15:    Fill In the blank: Abdul grabbed the boy and rolled him on the ground to — ————- the flames.
 (A) Kill B) Smother (C) born out (D) encourage

Q No 16:    Choose the correct meaning of ENERVATE
 (A) To frighten      (B) Strengthen     (C) Excite     (D ) Weaken

Q No 17:     Which of the following gases is most abundant in the air?
 (A) Oxygen      (B) Nitrogen (C) Argon      (D) Hydrogen

Q No 18:    Waterloo, where Napoleon was finally defeated, is situated in:
 (A) France       (B) Germany       (C) Holland      (D) Belgium

Q No 19:   What comes next in the series, 11, 21, 32, 43, 54, 65 ………
 (A) 76 (B) 86    (C) 73       (D) 83

Q No 20:    in 2016, Pakistani born,  British boxer, Amir Khan lost a boxing bout against Saul Canelo Alvarez. To which country does Canelo Alvarez belong?
 (A) USA      (B) UK      (C) Brazil       (D) Mexico

Q No 21:   The first mechanical calculating machine was made by
 (A) William Oughtred     (B) Gollfried Lebnltz     (C) Blaise Pascal  (D) Charles Babbage

Q No 22:    Who succeeded President Zia-ul-Haq as the President of Pakistan?
 (A) Rafiq Tarar       (B) Ghulam Ishaq Khan (C) Farooq Leghari      (D) Fazal Eiahl Chaudhry

Q No 23:  What was the amount in Dirhams fixed as “Haq Mehr” when the Holy Prophet (PBUH) married Hazrat Khadija (R.A)?
 (A) 200       (B) 300      (C) 400 (D) 600

Q No 24:   A soap factory makes 600 units In 8 days with help of 20 machines. How many units can be made In 12 days with the help of 18 machines?
 (A) 680       (B) 720 (C) 760      (D) 810

Q No 25:     Who was Nicolas Sarkozy?
 (A) Former German Chancellor        (B) Former Canadian President       (C) Former French President (D) Former Prime Minister of Italy

Q No 26: Birds are:
 (A) Cold-blooded          (B) Warm-blooded (C) Both A and B      (D) None of these

Q No 27:   During drought, which Named Is performed?
 (A) Balaat al Istnsqa (B) Balaat e  Khasoof (C ) Balaat e Kleoof (0 ) None of these

Q No 28:   That Is the average (arithmetic mean) of the positive Integers from 1 to 108, Inclusive?
 (A)49        (B)  49.5      (C)  50        (D) 50.5

Q No 29:   What is the antonym of “Subsequent”?
 (A) All of them         (B) Prior (C) Comparative       (D) Last

Q No 30:    Of the following which city received Hirai-e-istiqial for the heroic resistance during the 1965 Indo-Pak war?
 (A) Narowal       (B) Peshawar      (C) Sialkot (D) Kasur

Q No 31:    The headquarters of ASEAN is located in:
 (A) Kuala Lumpur       (B) Yangon       (C) Jakarta (D) Singapore

Q No 32:    On September 9, 1968, Pakistan purchased Gwadar from?
 (A) Oman (B) Bahrain      (C) Iran      (D) None of these
Q No 33:    Deficiency of vitamin D leads to __________ ,
 (A) Anaemia        (B) Week Bones (C) Constipation       (D) Bleeding of Gums

Q No 34: Pakistan’s Fiscal years if from:
 (A) 1st June to 30th June        (B) 1st July to 30th June (C) 16th June to 18th July        (D) 1st July to 3 August

Q No 35:    Who was the first Deputy President of the first Constituent Assembly?
 (A) Liaquat Ali Khan       (B) J.N Mandal       (C) Molvi Tamiuddin Khan (D) Malik Ghulam Muhammad

Q No 36:    The Blue Mosque of the “Mosque of Sultan Ahmad” Is located In:
 (A) Tehran        (B) Istanbul (C) Jeddah       (D) Cairo

Q No 37:    Which of the following rivers does not flow In Africa?
 (A) Nile        (B) Congo        (C) Zam bezi       (D) Tigris

Q No 38:      The Objectives Resolution was presented by:
 (A) Muhammad Ali Chaudhary       (B) Ch. Rehmat Ali        (C) Sardar Abdur Rab Nlshtar    (D) Liaquat Ali Khan

Q No 39:     Hazrat Shah Wali Ullah, a great religious scholar, was born during the reign of which Mughal emperor?
 (A) Akbar ‘       (B) Shah Jahan       (c) Aurangzeb (D ) None of these

Q No 40:    Who presided over the 72 sessions of UN  General Assembly starting from September 12, 2017?
(A) Antonie Quterree (B) Peter Thomsen      (C) Mireles Lqjeak      (D) Banki Moon

Q No 41:   The shortcut key to close a selected window is:
 (A) ALT +F 4  (B) Ctrl + F4        (C) Alt + F5       (D) Alt + Fe

Q No 42:    Change the Passive voice of the following sentence: Flowers have grown all over the field.
 (A) The field was all over been grown with flowers        (B) The field has been all over been grown with flowers        (C) The whole field is grown by the flowers          (D) The field had all over been grown with flowers

Q No 43:      Complete the Idiom/Proverb: A sleeping fox catches no_________.
 (A) Grapes       (B) Bird      (C) Prey      (D) Poultry

Q No 44:     Baglihar Dam is located in Doda district of Indian Occupied Kashmir, on the river:

 (A) Indus River      (B) Jhelum River     (C) Chenab River (D) Ravi Rive

Q No 45:     A number is increased by 20% and then decreased by 20%, the final value of the number:
 (A) Does not change       (B) Decreases by 2%        (C) Increases by 4%            (D) Decreases by 4%

Q No 46:   Name the camel which the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was riding on the migration of Madina:
 (A) Duldui       (B) Anza        (C) Qaswa (D) Zulfiqar

Q No 47:   If x + y = 6, y + z = 7 and z + x = 9,the average (arithmetic mean) of x, y and z is
 (A) 11/3 (B) 11/2         (C) 22/3        (D) 11

Q No 48: The Gulf of Sidra is present off the Coast of:
 (A) Libya (B) Liberia         (C) Macedonia     (D) None of these

Q No 49:    India attacked Pakistan International border, on:
 (A) 11 September 1964        (B) 12 December 1964        (C) 6 September 1965 (D) 6 September 1966

Q No 50:    A small town in Sindh “Keti Bunder” is famous for:
 (A) Dry port       (B) Gas and Oil field      (C) Fish harbour (D) Military base

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