Important Abbreviations Quiz

Q No 1:   What is the full form of docx?

  • Document copied and xeroxed
  • Draft copied and xeroxed
  • Document extended
  • Draft extended

    Q No 2:  BASIC is the abbreviation of:

  • Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Intelligent Codes
  • Beginners Anti Purpose Symbolic Instruction Codes
  • Basic All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Codes
  • Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Codes

    Q No 3:  What is the full form of UDP?

  • User Data Process
  • User Datagram Process
  • User Datagram Protocol
  • User Data Protocol

Q No 4:  What is the full form of ASP?

  • Active Service Process
  • Active Server Pages
  • Active Service Pages

None of the above

Q No 5: What is the full form of Wi-Fi?

  • Wireless Focus
  • Wired Focus
  • Wired Fidelity
  • Wireless Fidelity

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No 6:  What is the full form of IP?

  • Intranet Protocol
  • Internet Process
  • Internet Protocol
  • Intranet Process

    Q No 7:  WMF is the abbreviation of:

  • Write Media Visual
  • Window Media Video
  • Write Many Video
  • Write Media Video

    Q No 8:  SQL is the abbreviation of:

  • Straight Query Langauge
  • Structured Query Linear
  • Structured Query Laison
  • Structured Query Langauge

    Q No 9:  XML is the abbreviation of:

  • Extensible Media Language
  • Extensible Meria Letters
  • Extensible Markup Language
  • Xtensible Markup Language

    Q No 10:  ASCII is the abbreviation of:

  • American Standard Code for Information Inked
  • American Standard Code for Inked Information
  • Asian Standard Code for Information Interchange
  • American Standard Code for Information Interchange

    Q No 11:    What is the full form of RTC?

  • Real-time check
  • Real-time clock
  • Related to check
  • Related to clock

    Q No 12:  What is the full form of TCP?

  • Transfer Control Protocol
  • Transmission Control Process
  • Transmission Centric Protocol
  • Transmission Control Protocol

Q No 13: ARP is the abbreviation of:

  • Address resolution protocol
  • Address rectification protocol
  • Allied resolution protocol
  • Address resolution process
    Q No 14:  ANSI is the abbreviation of:
  • Asian National Standard Instruction Codes
  • Asian Nations Standard Instruction Codes
  • American National Standard Instruction Codes
  • American Nation Standard Instruction Codes

    Q No 15:  BPS is the abbreviation of:

  • Bytes Pro Second
  • Bits Per Second
  • Bits Per Secure
  • Bytes Per Second

    Q No 16:  What is the full form of MAC?

  • Mass Access Control
  • Media Access Control
  •  Media Access
  • Carriage Mass Access Carriage

    Q No 17:  SOAP stands for:

  • Small Object Access Protocol
  • Simple Object Access Protocol
  •  Small Object Access Procedure
  • Simple Object Access Procedure

    Q No 18:    What is the full form of ISO?

  • Indian Standard Organization
  • International Systems Organization
  • International Standard Organization
  •  International Standard Ora

    Q No 19:    CRT stands for:

  • Carbon Ray Tube
  • Crystal Ray Tube
  • Cabin Ray Tube
  • Cathode Ray Tube

    Q No 20:    IC stands for:

  • interrelated Circuit
  • Integrated Circuit
  • Integrated Conductor
  • None of These
    Q No 21:    What is the full form of FTP?
  • Free Transport Protocol
  • Free Transfer Process
  • File Transfer Protocol
  • File Training Protocol

    Q No 22:    What is the full form of VLSI?

  • Very Large Scale Immunity
  • Very Low Scale Integrated
  • Very Large Scale Integrated
  •  Very Low Scale Immunity

    Q No 23:    CSS stands for:

  • Cascading Style Sheets
  •  Creative Style Shots
  • Creative Style Sheets
  • Cascading Style Shots

    Q No 24:    PHP stands for:

  • Hypertext Preprocessor
  •  Processor Hypertext Program
  • Pre Processor Hypertext
  • Pre Hypertext Processor

    Q No 25:  PDF stands for:

  • Printed Document Format
  • Published Document Format
  • Public Document Format
  • Portable Document Format

    Q No 26:  HTTP stands for:

  • Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
  •  Hyper Text Transfer Procedure
  • High Text Transfer Protocol
  • Hyper Typo Transfer Protocol

    Q No 27:    What is the full form of HTML?

  • Hyper Text Markup Language
  •  Hyper Text Markup Line
  • Hyper Text Magic Line
  • High Text Markup Language

    Q No 28:  What is the full form of CD?

  • Compact Disk
  •  Crack Disk
  • Carried Disk
  • Cat Disk

    Q No 29:    What is the full form of WWW?

  • Web World Whole
  • World Whole Web
  • World Wide Web
  • Web World Wide
  • Q No 30:    What is the full form of ISP?
  • Intranet Service Provider
  • Internet Service Proceeder
  • Internet Speed Provider
  • Internet Service Provider

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