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In these, we share very Important question for coming in the previous examination. and it will be repeated again and again in the Examination. Muslims trust that the Quran was verbally shown by God to the ultimate Prophet Muhammad through the archangel Gabriel Jabril gradually over a duration of roughly 23 years, the source on 22 December 609 CE, when Muhammad was 40, and finish in 632, the year of his release. Muslims regard the Quran as the most restless miracle of Muhammad, a proof of his prophethood, and the top of a scale of religious messages that alarm with the messages revealed to Adam and close with Muhammad. The term “Quran” occurs some 70 times in the text-book of the Quran, although separate denomination and words are also part. quoth to be an allusion to the Quran.

Give the total number of ProphetsOne lakh and twenty-four thousand.
No. of Surahs in Holy Quran114
No. of Paras in Holy Quran30
No. of Ayats in Holy Quran6236
First Surah in Holy QuranSurah-e-Fatiha
Last Surah in the Holy QuranSurah-e-Nas
Largest Surah in Holy QuranSurah Bakara
shortest Surah in Holy QuranSurah-e-Kausar
First revealed Surah in the Holy Quran Surah-Al- Alaq
Author of Holy QuranAllah Almighty
No. of Makki  Surahs in Holy Quran87
No. Madni of Surahs in Holy Quran27
In which night, the Holy Quran was first revealed?Laila-tul Qadr
How many stages are there In the Holy Quran?Seven Stages
 The years to complete revelation of Holly Quran 23 year
In which city, the revelation of the Holy Quran started? Makkah.Makkah


Name of the Prophets Mentions in the Holy Quran

  1. Hazrat Adam (AS)
  2. Hazrat Ayyub (AS)
  3. Hazrat Dawood (AS)
  4. Hazrat Haroon (AS)
  5. Hazrat Younus (AS)
  6. Hazrat Zakaria (AS)
  7. Hazrat Idrees (AS)
  8. Hazrat Isa (AS)
  9. Hazrat llyas (AS)
  10. Hazrat Ishaq (AS)
  11. Hazrat Ismail (AS)
  12. Hazrat Loot (AS)
  13. Hazrat Moosa (AS)
  14. Hazrat Nooh (AS)
  15. Hazrat Saleh (AS)
  16. Hazrat Shuaib (AS)
  17. Hazrat Sulaiman (AS)
  18. Hazrat Yahya (AS)
  19. Hazrat Hood (AS)
  20. Hazrat Uzair (AS)
  21. Hazrat Yasa (AS)
  22. Hazrat Zulkiff (AS)
  23. Hazrat Ibrahim (AS)
  24. Hazrat Yaqoob (AS)
  25. Hazrat Yusuf (AS)






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