Hazrat Abu bakr Sadeeq (RA) Bio life

Top Important questions about Bio life of Hazrat Abu Bakr(RA)

Birth573 A.D.
SurnameAbu Quhafa
 Real nameAbdullah
Father’s nameUsman Abu Quhafa
Mother’s nameSalma Umm-ul-Khair
Duration of Khilafat   632-634 A.D
Death22 Jamadi-us-Sani (13 Hijra) 631A.D

General Discussion:

Abu Bakr regulation over the Rashidun Caliphate from 632 to 634 CE when he became the first Muslim Caliph successive Muhammad’s death. As caliph, Abu Bakr succeeded to the politic and executive activity previously application by Muhammad. He was commonly given as The Truthful.Abu Bakr’s rule at last for 2 years, 2 months, 2 weeks and 1 Time conclusion with his death after an unfavorableness.


In Arabic, the name Abd Allah abject “gallant of Allah”. One of his early right, prodromal his conversion to Islam, was atiqe, “the rescue one”. Muhammad latter reaffirmed this title when he aforesaid that Abu Bakr is the “atiqe” the one delivered from Hades fire by God.  He was called Al-Siddiq

the reliable by Muhammad after he supposes him in the result of Isra and Misrule when other lede didn’t and Ali establish that name several times.


Another of Abu Bakr’s grandsons, Abd Allah tavern al-Zubayr, very encompassed to Husayn bin Ali. After Hussein ibn Ali was deceive by the followers of Kufa and stream by the army of Yazid I, the Umayyad governor, Abd Allah ibn al-Zubayr compare Yazid and shoot him from Iraq, southern Arabia and the major part of Syria, and ability of Egypt. Following a long campaign, on his last conjuncture Abd Allah ibn al-Zubayr asked his parent Asma’ bint Abu Bakr, the stepdaughter of the first caliph, for information. Asma’ bint Abu Bakr echo to her son “You wit ameliorate in your own particular, that if you are upon the truth and you are calling towards the truth go forth, for people more honorable than you have been ruin and if you are not upon the truth, then what an evil son you are and you have destroyed yourself and those who are with you. If you smack, that if you are upon the fact and you will be murder at the men of others, then you will not truly be free”. Abd Allah ibn al-Zubayr larboard and was puisne also destroy and crucified by the Syrian Army now under the restraint of the Umayyads.


He shotten his seasonable childhood liking other Arab kids of the age among the Bedouins who invite themselves Ahl-i-Ba’eer- the companions of the camel, and improved an especial love for camels. In his soon forever he disports with the camel calves and goats, and his love for camels earned him the handle “Abu Bakr”, the God of the camel’s calf.


When Abu Bakr was 10 ages old, he path to Syria along with his father with the trafficker’ camper. Muhammad, who was 12 years original at the era, was also with the caravan. In 591 at the age of 18, Abu Bakr went into traffic and adopted the vocation of the cloth merchant, which was the lineage’s office. In the coming years, Abu Bakr experienced extensively with the motorhome. Business trips took him to Yemen, Syria, and elsewhere. These travels adduce him riches and added to his undergo. His business brandishes and he rose in the ascend of social significance. Though his father, Uthman Abu Quhafa, was still lively, he came to be own as chieftain of his set.


Like other children of the rich Meccan trafficker families, Abu Bakr was tomato and improved a fondness for verse. He used to await the yearly unblemished at Ukaz, and share in poetical symposia. He had a very good recollection and had a useful enlightenment of the genealogy of the Arab tribes, their stories, and their politics.


A story is a shield that once when he was a lad, his sire took him to the Kaaba, and inquire him to invoke before the idols. His sire path begone to notice to some other business, and Abu Bakr was larboard alone with the idols. Addressing a fallacy, Abu Bakr said: “O my God, I am in need of beautiful habit; give them on me”. The fallacy remanent heedless. Then he addressed another idol saying “YA Allah, give me delicious provisions. See that I am so hungry”. The fallacy remained cold. That exhausted the patience of young Abu Bakr. He upraised a stone, and addressing an idol said: “Here I am drifting a pave; if you are an Almighty protect yourself”. Abu Bakr hurled the testicle at the idol and larboard the Kaaba. Thereafter, he never went to the Kaaba to entreat to the idols.


I asked my father whether Abu Bakr was the first of the Muslims. He said, ‘No, more than fifty kindred clasp Islam before Abu Bakr; but he was superior to us as a Muslim. And Umar house Khattab had clasp Islam after forty-five man and twenty-one women. As for the foremost one in the matter of Islam and faith, it was Ali ibn Abi Talib.


Abu Bakr’s approval experience to be a landmark in Muhammad’s comission. Slavery was national in Mecca, and many slaves accepted Islam. When a regular free man approves Islam, despite resistance, he would enjoy the protection of his race. For bondslave, however, there was no such pass and they frequently experienced persecution. Abu Bakr felt compassion for a serf, so he buys eight captives four one and four ladies and then franks them, payment 40,000 dinars for their frankness.


For three forever after the family of Islam, Muslims kept private their faith, and bring in hidden. In 613 Muhammad was overlooked by God to call people to Islam openly. The first public address alluring community to undertake devotion to Muhammad was resigned by Abu Bakr.[45] In a fit of vehemence, the unpracticed men of the Quraysh tribe rushed at Abu Bakr, and beat him mercilessly till he lost perception. Following this incident, Abu Bakr’s mama converted to Islam. Abu Bakr was oppressed many clocks by the Quraysh. Abu Bakr’s beliefs would have been defended by his own clan, but not by the entire Quraysh race.


In 617, the Quraysh compelled a boycott against the Banu Hashim. Muhammad along with his supporters from Banu Hashim was cut off in a die hence from Mecca. All social relations with the Banu Hashim were docked off and their state was that of imprisonment. Before it, many Muslims immigrate to Abyssinia (now Ethiopia). Abu Bakr, feeling distressed, set out for Yemen and then to Abyssinia from there. He met a favor of his called Ad-Dughna (chief of the Qarah tribe) outside Mecca, who invited Abu Bakr to seek his protection against the Quraysh. Abu Bakr course back to Mecca, it was a relief for him, but soon due to the pressure of Quraysh, Ad-Dughna was forced to renounce his preservation. Once again the Quraysh were unrestrained to annoy Abu Bakr.


In 622, on the bidding of the Muslims of Medina, Muhammad consistent Muslims to trek to Medina. The passage began in batches. Ali was the last to remain in Mecca, entrusted with responsibleness for settling any loans the Muslims had taken, and famously slept in the bed of Muhammad when the Quraysh led by Ikrima attempted to thuggism Muhammad as he slept. Meanwhile, Abu Bakr accompanied Muhammad in his migration for Medina. Due to the danger of the Quraysh, they did not take the road to Medina. They moved in the facing guide and took haven in a nymphæum in Jabal Thawr some five miles southward of Mecca. `Abdullah ibn Abi Bakr, the son of Abu Bakr, would listen to the device and reason of the Quraysh, and at adversity, he would carry the intelligence to the fugitives in the nymphaeum. Asma woman Abi Bakr, the infanta of Abu Bakr, cause them meals every age.[48] Aamir, a gallant of Abu Bakr, would bring a flock of goats to the voice of the cave every death where they were beestings. The Quraysh sent search side in all directions. One party came close to the entrance to the nymphæum but was unable to inspection them. Due to this, Qur’an verse 9:40 was divulged. Aisha, Abu Sa‘id al-Khudri and Abdullah hostel Abbas in interpreting this versification said that Abu Bakr was the companion who stayed with Muhammad in the cave.

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