Everyday Science Solved Questions

Everyday Science is the Most Popular and Important Topic for Knowledge.  It’s very Interesting and its Questions 5 to 10% always mentions in every NTS, PPSC, FPSC and another exam.

Q No 1: Water has max density at?
Answer:       4oc

Q No 2: The Greenhouse effect is caused due to? 
Answer:         Excess of CO2

Q No 3: Cow milk contains water Approximately?
Answer:          80 %

Q No 4:  Average pulse rate of humans? 
Answer:          72-80 / min

Q No 5:  Air contains CO2
Answer:         0.03 %

Q No 6: Saliva helps in the digestion of? 
Answer:           Starch

Q No 7:  Number of muscles in the human body? 
Answer:         680

Q No 8: Universal blood recipient group? 
Answer:        AB+

Q No 9: Universal blood donor? 
Answer:           O

Q No 10:  Metal involved in blood clotting? 
Answer:           Ca

Q No 11:  Total volume of blood in humans? 
Answer:           5-6 Litres

Q No 12:  Smallest plant on land is? 
Answer:           Algae

Q No 13: Colour blind cannot differ between? 
Answer:           Red and green

Q No 14:  Penicillin is obtained from? 
Answer:           Fungi

Q No 15: Life of RBC’s is? 
Answer:         120 days

Q No 16: The graveyard of RBC’s is? 
Answer:         Spleen

Q No 17: Strongest muscle of the human body? 
Answer:        Thigh muscle

Q No 18:  Human skull contains the number of bones? 
Answer:         30

Q No 19:  Number of bones in the human body? 
Answer:        206

Q No 20: Deficiency of iron causes? 
Answer:         Anemia ( decrease in the number of RBC’s)

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Q No 21: The consequence of Anemia is? 
Answer:          Thalasimea

Q No 22:  Tetanus is caused by? 
Answer:          Bacteria

Q No 23: Secretion of insulin(from Pancreas) causes?
Answer:         Diabetes

Q No 24: Germs enter via open wounds in ? 
Answer:        Typhoid

Q No 25:  Hepatitis is related to?
Answer:         Liver

Q No 26: Cow milk contains water Approximately? 
Answer              80 %

Q No 27:  Heartbeats during a day?
Answer:            100000

Q No 28: Nuclear reactor produces energy by? 
Answer:            Chain fission reaction

Q No 29: Smallest discovered particle is? 
Answer:             Quark

Q No 30:  Weight of the human heart?
Answer:              300g

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Everyday Science Solved MCQs Questions
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