In this, we share the full paper for the post of DEPUTY SUPERINTENDENT JAIL past paper 2015 we share all the question with their correct answer. The answer is shown in blue colour.

Which country is situated below the sea level?

A) New Zealand                    (B)Netherlands (C) Australia                     (D) Japan

In Pakistan, the largest share of electricity  source is:

(A)Thermal (B)Hydel               (C) Nuclear              (D)Coal

Which of the following gases is mainly causing global warming:

(A) Nitrogen             ( B ) Methane                  (C) Carbon dioxide  (D) Hydrogen

Which of the historical monuments was built in 1642 AD:
(A) Tomb of Emperor Jahangir                     (B) Etedshahi Mosque

(C) Shalamar Garden (D) Wazir Khan Mosque

US inventor Martin Cooper invented “Mobile Phone” in:

(A) 1969                   (B) 1973
(C) 1976                    (D) 1980
The world’s largest natural gas deposits are in:

(A) USA                    (B)Russia  (C) China                   (D) Brazil

The lowest point on earth is

(A) Dead sea (B) Death valley                     (C) Caspian sea                 (D) None of the above

The headquarters of International Environmental Organization “Green Peace are situated at:

(A)Amsterdam (B) Paris                     (C) Brussels                       (D) Vienna

The world’s largest desert is:

(A) Sahara (B) Gobi                      (C) Atacama                    (D) Thal

A great traveler Russian Ibne Batuta’ belonged to:

(A) Tunis                   (B) Syria                     (C) Morocco (D) Spain

The Statue of Liberty was presented to the United States by the people of:

(A) Britain                        (B) Germany                      (C) Canada                   (D) France

Which is lightest of all these gases:
(A) Oxygen                     (B) Nitrogen                       (C)Hydrogen  (D) Carbon dioxide

Which of the following Mughal Emperor was born at Lahore in 1592:

(A) Jahangir                      (B) Akbar                        (C)Shah Jahan  (D) Aurangzeb

The length of Pak-Afghan border (Durand Line)

(A )2252 Km (B) 909 Km                      (C) 1600 Km                 (D) 592 Km

Population wise Pakistan’s position in the world is:

(A) 21st                      (B) 06th (C) 34th                 (D) 41st

Baluchistan was given the status of province in:

(A) 1947                      (B) 1958                      (C)1970 (D) 1985

The command and staff college of Pakistan army is situated at:

(A) Karachi                    (B) Lahore                        (C) Quetta (D) Abbottabad

Florence Nightingale is renowned for:

(A) Acting                          (B Nursing (C) painting                  (D) poetry

which is the largest “river in the world?

(A) Amazon (B) Ganga                           (C) Nile                    (D) None of them

Theory of Evolution was presented by

(A) Euclid         (B) Charlie Darvin  (C) Werner Helsenburg                       (D) Simon Bolivia

Pablo Picasso is considered to be great:

(A) Musician                    (B ) writer                     (C) actor                   (D)Painter

The ‘sun’ is mainly composed of:

(A) Oxygen                   (B) Hydrogen (C) Carbon die oxide                 (D) Potassium

Who was the first Muslim king of India:

(A) Qutub-ud-din Aibak (B) Muhammad Bin Qasim (C) Zaheer-ud-din Babur  (D) Mahmud Ghazanvi

Mossad’ is the Intelligence agency of:

(A) Brazil                      (B) Israel (C) Lebanon                   (D) Syria

Liaqat Ali Khan joined all India Muslim league as a member in:

(A) 1916                 (B) 1919                       (C) 1921                       (D) 1923

The Government of India Act 1935, divided the country into:

(A) Seven provinces                     (B) Nine provinces  (C) Eleven provinces (D) Thirteen provinces

In the Provincial Elections of 1937, all India Muslim league won the largest number of seats in the:

(A) United province (U P) (B) Sindh province                                                                                                          (C) Punjab province                                 (D) central province (C P)

Identify the secretary of state for India who led the cabinet mission in 1946:

(A) Sir Stafford Cripps                              (B) A. V. Alexander                                                                                                            (C) Lord Pethick Lawrence  (D) Sir Anthony McDonald

Muhterma Fatima Jinnah Muslim league in:

(A) 1937                      (B) 1938  (C) 1939  (D) 1940

Congress launched “Quit India Movement against the British Government in

(A) 1940                  (B) 1941  (C) 1942  (D) 1944

In the interim government of 1946 the health minister was:

(A) Abdu Rab Nishtar                     (B) Jag Jivan Ram                   (C) Asif Ali                  (D) Ghazanfer Ali Khan

The Hindus had launched “Swadeshi Movement” (to boycott English made goods) in the wake of:

(A) The Urdu Hindi controversy 1867                           (B) Partition of Bengal 1905 (C) Jallianwala Bagh tragedy 1919                                  (D) All of the above

The British parliament passed Indian independence act on:

(A) 3 June 1947  (B) 14 June 1947  (C) 14 July 1947                       (D) 24 July 1947

A carton contains 10 boxes, each box containing one dozen cubes. How many box cartons are needed to fill 960 cubes’?

(A) 7  (B) 8  (C) 9                (D) 12

In the exam 45% students failed and 550 students were successful. The total number of students who appeared in the exam were:

(A) 1000  (B) 900                   (C) 1500                     (D) 800

The number, whose 3% is 60, is:

(A) 2000  (B) 3000                        (C) 6000                       (D) 9000

Which number will come next 2, 5, 8, 11, 14,_______________

(A) 18                 (B) 17  (C) 19               (D) 26

40 men can do work in 50 days. How long it will take 25 men to do the work?

(A) 50 days                      (B) 80 days (C) 60 days                   (D) 70 days

The original price of a gift pack is Rs.80. A discount of 15% is allowed in shop. What is the sale price?

(A) Rs.65 (B) Rs.68  (C) Rs.61                   (D) Rs.50

A cyclist covers 660 feet in 66 seconds. How many yards will he cover in the same time?

(A) 220  (B) 600                      (C) 100                         (D) 10

Which of the following is smallest fraction?

(A) 3/7  (B) 5/1            (C) 6/13                            (D) 7/12

Find the number whose square root is twice its cube root.

(A) 27  (B) 64  (C) 125                   (D) 81

A boy ranks thirteen in class of twenty six. What is his rank from the last?

(A) 13  (B) 14  (C) 15                     (D) 26

There is alim it________ everything in life.

(A) To  (B) on                       (C) in               (D) with

Aslam has given________ smoking completely.

(A) In           (B) after              (C) on (D) up



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