Computer Knowledge MCQs

These, we Share Top Basic to Advance level Computer Knowledge MCQs. Its very Important Question form Basic computer Knowledge. These Question repeated again and again of any computer science and IT  paper.

Q No 1: Physical parts computer are:
(a) Software     (c) Hardware
(b) Programme  (d) Device

Q No 2: Computer gives s results after:
 (a) Processing (b) Programming  (c) Printing (d) Downloading

Q No 3:  Among data storage devices the least reliable is:

(a) ROM     (b) Hard Disk
(c) RAM     (d) Floppy Disk

Q No 4: The name of the first Arithmetic Machine is?
 (a) Napier bones        (b) Abacus
 (c) Different engine    (d) Calculator

Q No 5: The father of the modern computer is:
 (A) John Napier           (B) Herman Ho Hollerith 
 (C) Charles Babbage (D) Blaise Pascal

Q No 6: Abacus is also called as
(a) Difference Engine    (b) Counting frame (c) Calculator (d) Computer

Q No 7: Microcomputer is also called as:
 (a)Personal Computer     (b) Laptop Computer  (c) Notebook Computer      (d) All above

Q No 8: In how many groups are computers classified by size? 
(a) 2      (b) 3       (c) 4 (d) 5

Q No 9: Computer that measures data in a continuous process is called :                                                                                   (a) Analog Computer (b) Digital Computer (c) Hybrid Computer (d) None of above

Q No 10:  Input device is;
 (a) Camera      (b) Scanner (c) Printer    (d) Plotter

Q No 11: Which is not the input unit?
 (a) Scanner   (b) Mouse  (c) Monitor  (d) Keyboard

Q No 12: Output device is::   (a) Camera   (b) Scanner    (c) Printer (d) Mouse

Q No 13: Which is not an output device?
 (a) Monitors (b) Plotters (c)  printers (d) Keyboard

Q No 14: Computer that. represents, physical quantities in figures is:
 (a) Analog Computer (b) Digital Computer (c) Bybnd Computer (d) None of above

Q No 15: Which is the part of Computer?
 (a) System unit    (b) Output device     (c) Input device     (d) All above

Q No 16: View, edits and file a represent on :
 (a) Title bar      (b) Menu bar (c) Standard toolbar      (d) Formatting toolbar

Q No 17: Machine language consists of:
(a) 00          (b) 0 & 1 (c) I & 1           (d) 1 & 2

Q No 18: Central processing gun it (CPU ) consists of:  
 (a) Control unit (b) Both a & b (c) Arithmetic/logic unit      (d) None of  a & b

Q No 19: The type of computer by size is:
(a) Micro computer (b) Mini computer (c) Macro computer (d) All above

Q No 20: The type of computer by structure (type) is:
 (a) Analog Computer (b) Digital Computer (c) Hybrid Computer (d) All above

Q No 21: The function of the input device is:
 (a) To enter the data, (b) To receive the data (c) To process the data (d) All above

Q No 22: The function of the output device is:
 (a) To enter the data          (b) To receive the data  (c) To process the data (d) All of Above

Q No 23:  Which one is not the example of digital computers? 
 (a) Digital thermometer (b) Digital watches  (c) Analog clock  (d) Mainframe computer

Q No 24: Different from others is:
 (a) Mouse    (b) Monitor (c) Keyboard    (d) Scanner

Q No 25: Secondary storage devices are:
 (a) Floppy disk   (b) CD   (c) Hard disk     (d) All above

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