In which we Share the past paper of  CIVIL JUDGES 2015. In which you collect the Best Knowledge and High Demands Questions of knowledge. We Also to Highlight Correct Answer of CIVIL JUDGES.

General Knowledge: 

Q No 1:  Which of the following provinces of Afghanistan is situated adjacent to Durand Line?
a) Khowst (b) Heart      (c) Nimruz      (d) None of the above
Q No 2:  The first European country to ratify the European Union constitution was:
a) Italy (b) Germany        (c) France         (d) None of the above
Q No 3:    Sir Creek’ issue between Pakistan and India is related to:
a) Distribution of pre-partition assets         (b) Delimitation of the Siachen Glacier           (c) Delimitation of a maritime boundary  (d) Implementation of Indus Basin Treaty 1960
Q No 4:    Which country’s parliament has the largest membership?
(a) India           (b) China  (c) Russia            (d) Canada
Q No 5:    The stumbling block in the settlement of Palestine Issue is:
(a) Status of East Jerusalem         (b) Repatriation of 3.7 million Palestinian refugees to their homeland         (c) Removal of all the Jewish settlements in the occupied territories        (d) All of the above

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Q No 6:    Which of the following International Institutions was created through ‘Rome Statute’ July 2002
(a) Freedom House (b) International Criminal 
Q No 7:    ‘MI 5* is the security intelligence agency of:
(a) USA      (b) UK  (c) Russia       (d) India
Q No 8:  Sun rises in the east and sets in the west due to the:
(a) Shape of the earth       (b) Rotation of the earth on its axis  (c) Revolution of the earth around the sun        (d) Movement of the sun
Q No 9:    Which of the following tennis players has won the Wimbledon Championship (Men’s Single) thrice?
(a) Bjorn Borg of Sweden         (b) Pete Sampras of America        (c) Roger Federer of Switzerland             (d) All of the above
Q No 10:    J.K.Rowling’s famous character ‘Harry Potter* is associated with:
(a) Space fiction         (b) Spying         (c) Computer genius       (d) Wizardry
Q No 11:    The capital of Somalia is:
(a) Windhoek      (b) Free Town      (c) Maputo       (d) None of the above
Q No 12:    European Court of Justice is based in:
a) Luxembourg  (b) Austria      c) Belgium      (d) Netherlands
Q No 13:      The world’s largest producer of tea is:
(a) Sri Lanka      (b) India  (c) Kenya       (d) Bangladesh
Q No 14:

Q No 15:     ‘Maria Montessori’s name is associated with:
(a) Social Work           (b) Women’s rights champion        (c) Child education (d) Sports
Q No 16:    ‘Last Judgment* is the famous painting of:
(a) Michel Angelo  (b) Rembrandt      (c) Pablo Picasso       (d) Leonardo da Vinci
Q No 17:    The tower of London is on the river:
(a) Volga         (b) Thames  (c) Danube        (d) Don
Q No 18:    What is the effect of deficit financing on the economy:
(a) Inflation  (b) Deflation      (c) Depression       (d) Recession
Q No 19:    The world’s first women Prime Minister of a country was:
a) Margaret Thatcher (England)           (b) Srimavo Bandaranaike (Sri Lanka) (c) Golda Meir (Israel)           (d) Indira Gandhi (India)
Q No 20:    Kyat’ is the currency of:
(a) Thailand        (b) Myanmar (c) Gambia      (d) Bhutan
Q No 21:    In November 2003 US President George W Bush announced a Plan named ‘Greater Middle East Initiatives* with the objective to:
(a) Promote democracy and freedom in the Middle East (b) Consolidate the defence of Pro American regimes in the Middle East                (c) Set a roadmap for the creation of an Independent Palestinian state in the Middle East by 2007            (d) All of the above
Q No 22:    Day and night are equal at the:
(a) North Pole        (b) South Pole           (c) Prime Meridian       (d) Equator
Q No 23:    Who among the following personalities is the inventor of a system of writing and printing for the blind?
a) Helen Keller             (b) Louis Braille  (c) Sir Humphrey Davy               (d) None of the above
Q No 24:      Which of the following statements is correct:
(a) Socrates was a disciple of Plato            (b) Plato was a disciple of Aristotle                 (c) Plato was a disciple of Socrates (d) Socrates and Plato were disciples of Aristotle
Q No 25:    The playground for playing ‘Baseball’ is called
(a) Diamond (b) Court             (c) Ring        (d) Rink
Q No 26:      ‘Suez Canal’ connects:
(a) Mediterranean sea and Red sea (b) the Red Sea and Atlantic sea             (c) Red Sea and Arabian sea              (d) None of the above
Q No 27:      Three islands in the Persian Gulf, Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa are disputed between:
(a) Iran and the United Arab Emirates  (b) Bahrain and Qatar            (c) Iran and Iraq                 (d) Iran and Saudi Arabia
Q No 28:        The highest average age (Male) is in.
(a) Japan        (b) Germany       (c) Iceland  (d) None of the above
Q No 29:    Which of the following is the oldest Barrage:
(a) Kotri             (b) Guddu              (c) Taunsa          (d) Sukkur
Q No 30:    Money paid by a government to reduce the costs of producing goods so that their prices can be kept low termed as:
(a) Value-added services       (b) Grant.        (c) Subsidy (d) Soft Money
Q No 31:    Pakistan’s largest gas-fired power plant is:
(a) Uch power plant (b) Malakand-Dargai power plant               (c) Gomal power plant               (d) Faisalabad Gas Turbine power plant
Q No 32:    Hyde Park’ London is famous for:
(a) Beautiful rare tulips (b) Unique Fountains (c) Residence of Lord Chancellor (d) None of the above
Q No 33:    The World Cup Cricket 2007 will be played in:
(a) England         (b) Australia        (c) New Zealand       (d) West Indies
Q No 34:    The strength of the Federal Shariat Court in Pakistan is:
(a) Six Judges            (b) Eight Judges  (c) Ten Judges        (d) None of the above
Q No 35:    ‘Bala Hissar* (The elevated Fort) is situated at:
(a) Quetta       (b) Peshawar (c) Swat          (d) Hyderabad

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