These, we share complete past paper of  ASSISTANT SUB-INSPECTOR [ ASI ] OF POLICE (BS-09)
IN THE PUNJAB POLICE DEPARTMENT, this paper held on  2008. we also to Highlight the correct answer of ASI  paper.

Asi Past Paper

Q No 1:  Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah started his Law practice in:
:  (A) Delhi     (B) Karachi     (C) Calcutta    (D) Bombay

Q No 2:   The All India Muslim League was founded in 1906 at:
:    (A) Dhaka     (B) Lahore      (C) Allahabad      (D) Aligarh

Q No 3:    Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah presented his “Fourteen Points” in response to
:    (A) Simon Commission Report       (B) Nehru Report      (C) June, 3 Plan        (D) The Delhi Proposals

Q No 4:    The head of the Boundary Commission for demarcation of borders between India and Pakistan was:
:     (A) Sir Stafford Cripps        (B) Lord Mountbatten        (C) Sir Cyril Radcliffe       (D) Lord Wavell

Q No 5:   Who demanded a separate Muslim homeland in 1930 at Allahabad?
:     (A) Allama Iqbal      (B) Quaid-i-Azam       (C) Liaqat Ali Khan       (D) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

Q No 6:     The famous Pamphlet ‘Now or Never1 was written by:
:      (A) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan       (B) Ch. Rehmat Ali      (C) Mohammad Ali Johar      (D) Allama Iqba

Q No 7:   The first Mughal Emperor of India was;
:    (A) Akbar      (B) Humayun      (C) Babur      (D) Sher Shah 

Q No 8:   Who became the Prime Mihister of Pakistan after the death of Liaqat Ali Khan?
:   (A) Mohd. Ali Bogra      (B) Ghulam Mohammad        (C) Kh. Nazimuddin       (D) Ch. Mohammad Ali

Q No 9: Which one of the following leaders took part in Presidential Elections?
:     (A) Shaista Ikram Ullah      (B) Fatima Jinnah       (C) Rana Liaqat Ali Khan      (D) Begum Shahnawaz

Q No 10:   Which Mughal King made Lahore his capital  for 14 years?
:   (A) Shah Jehan     (B) Akbar      (C) Aurangzeb       (D) Bahadur Shah Zafar

Q No 11:   Syed Ahmed Shaheed Brelvi is buried at:
:    (A) Balakot     (B) Muzzafarabad     (C) Jehlum     (D) Abbottabad

Q No 12:  The boundary between Pakistan and Afghanistan is called:
:     (A) Line o f Control      (B) No Man’s Land      (C) Durand Line       (D) International Border

Q No 13:  The Last Mughal king of India was:
:    (A) Aurangzeb Alamgir         (B) Bahadur Shah Zafar       (C) Shah Jahan      (D) Mohammad Shah

Q No 14:   Gawadar is in the province of:
:   (A) Punjab        (B) Balochistan      (C) Sindh      (D) NWFP

Q No 15:    The famous Khyber Pass is a link between Peshawar and:
:    (A) Quetta      (B) Kabul       (C) Mardan      (D) Tehran

Q No 16:   Baglihar Dam a disputed dam between India and Pakistan has been built in:
:    (A) Held Kashmir     (B) Azad Kashmir     (C) Amritsar     (D) Delhi

Q No 17:   The appointment of the Chief Justice of Pakistan is made by?
:   (A) The Prime Minister      (B) The President       (C) Supreme Judicial Council     (D) Parliament

Q No 18:   The major source of electrical energy in Pakistan is:
:       (A) Thermal Power     (B) Hydroelectricity     (C) Nuclear Power     (D) Solar Energy

Q No 19:    The largest Industry in Pakistan is:
:   (A) Woollen Textile     (B) Sugar Industry      (C) Cotton Textile    (D) Cement Industry

Q No 20:   Tarbela Dam has been constructed on which river?
:   (A) Ravi     (B) Jehlum      (C) Indus       (D) Chenab

Q No 21:    The present Hijri year is
:    (A) 1440         (B) 1429       (C) 1430       (D) 1427

Q No 22:    The National University of Modem Language is in:
:    (A) Lahore      (B) Karachi      (C) Islamabad     (D) Peshawar

Q No 23:   Who is the present Secretary General of the United Nations Organization?
:    (A) Kofi Anan (B) Ban Ki Moon (C) Albardi (D) Collin Powell

Q No 24:   10-Downing Street is the residence of:
:     (A) American President      (B) Queen of England       (C) French President      (D) British Prime Minister

Q No 25:    Jerusalem is the Holy City of:
:   (A) Christians     (B) Muslims      (C) Jews      (D) All of them

Q No 26:      Myanmar is the new name of:
:      (A) Nepal      (B) Sri Lanka      (C) Burma      (D) Bhutan

Q No 27:    The author of Harry Potter series of books for children is:
:    (A) J. K. Rowling     (B) Enid Blyton   (C) Roald Dalh    (D) Danis Robins

Q No 28:   Nelson Mandela belongs to:
:    (A) Kenya      (B) Somalia      (C) South Africa     (D) Uganda

Q No 29:    Scotland Yard is the Police Department of:
:      (A) America      (B) England      (C) France     (D) Germany

Q No 30:    Tayyip Erdogan is the Prime Minister of:
:      (A) Iran      (B) Turkey      (C) Egypt     (D) Jordan

Q No 31:    Which country has banned wearing of head scarf by Muslim students?
:      (A) Holland     (B) France     (C) Canada      (D) America

Q No 32:    FIR stands for:
:     (A) First Information Report        (B) First Investigation Report        (C) Forensic Investigation Report        (D) Follow up Information Report

Q No 33:   Dr. Fahmida Mirza the speaker of National Assembly was elected as MNA from:   
:     (A) Sindh      (B) Punjab      (C) NWFP     (D) Baluchistan

Q No 34:     The Leader of opposition in the National Assembly is:
:     (A) Ch. Pervez Ellahi (B) Ch NisarAli (C) Raza Rabbani (D) Ch. Shujaat Hussain

Current:   Shahbaz Shreef

Q No 35:     The headquarters of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) is at:
:     (A) Tehran      (B) Ankara      (C) Jeddah      (D) Cairo

Q No 36:     Union Jack is the flag of:
:      (A) America       (B) England       (C) Canada       (D) France

Q No 37:    One kilometer is equation to:
:      (A) 100 meters      (B) 500 meters      (C) 1000 meters     (D) 2000 meters

Q No 38:   Sunlight is a good source of:
:    (A) Vitamin A (B) Vitamin B (C) Vitamin C (D) Vitamin D

Q No 39:   Which gas is used in advertising lights?
:     (A) Argon      (B) Neon      (C) Helium      (D) Carbon dioxide

Q No 40:    The largest continent in the world is:
:    (A) Asia     (B) Africa      (C) Europe     (D) Australia

Q No 41:    What kind of energy is stored in a dry cell?
  (A) Mechanical      (B) Electrical     (C) Chemical      (D) Solar

Q No 42:    The normal boiling point of water is?
:    (A) 100°C      (B) 110°C     (C) 120°C     (D) 200°C

Q No 43:    Which gas is used to kill bacteria in water?
:    (A) Hydrogen     (B) Sulphur    (C) Chlorine     (D) Nitrogen

Q No 44:    One tonne is equal to
:     (A) 500 K.G.       (B) 1000 K.G.    (C) 2000 K.G.     (D) 3000 K.G.

Q No 45:    Which of the following does not provide energy?
:    (A) Carbohydrates      (B) Proteins      (C) Fats     (D) Water

Q No 46:     Diabetes is caused due to the deficiency of:
:   (A) Calcium     (B) Vitamin B    (C) Vitamin C     (D) Insulin

Q No 47:   Which part of the human body is like a computer?
:    (A) Heart     (B) Brain      (C) Lungs      (D) Eyes

Q No 48:   The planet nearest to the sun is:
:    (A) Earth      (B) Mercury      (C) Mars      (D) Jupiter

Q No 49:    The age of a tree can be known from its:  
:    (A) Height      (B) Number of Branches      (C) Number of Fruits      (D) Number of Rings on its trunk

Q No 50:    Green vegetables provide us:
:    (A) Proteins      (B) Vitamins & Minerals      (C) Fats and Oils      (D) Starch


Second Part of ASI past paper will be upload soon

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