In this post, we share Full past paper For the post of ASSISTANT DIRECTOR IB. we share All question and there and highlight correct answer.

Asi Past Paper


1. What is the Current Islamic year?
S) 1430                   (B)1431
(C) 1440 (Dy1435

2. How many Hajj was performed by Hazrat Mohammad PBUH:

(A) 0                            ( B) 1 (C) 2               (D) 3
3. Where was the last revelation revealed?

(A)/During Miraj                            (B) During Eid Ul Azha

(C) During Hijatul Wida  (D)     During Eid Al Fitr

4. What is the shortest surah?

(A)Kausar (B) Kahf

(C) Falaq                    (D) Fateha

5. Which surah is the heart of the Quran?

(A) Rehman                 (B) Falak

(C) Bakra                     (D)Yaseen

6. Who was given the title of Ghaseelulmalaika?

(A) Hazrat Ali (B) Hazrat Abu Bakr (C)                   Khalid bin Waleed         (D)   Hanzilla(R A)

7. What is the no. of total surah?

(A) 221                                    (B) 114
(C) 113                                    (D)None of these

8. What is the first month of the Islamic Calendar?

(A) Moharram (B) Shaban                (C) Ramzan                            (D) Zilhaj

9. Hazrat Mohammad PBUH called himself

(A) Eid UIFitr                (B) Friday Prayer               (C) Eid UI Fitr    (D) Haja Tul Wida

10. Meaning of “Hujjat Tamam krna”?

(A) Karn Ghalat Kama                 (B) Karn Na Hona

(C) Taqreer Kama                       (D) Daleel Baqi Na Chorna

11. What was ArfaKarims age at the time of death?

(A) 15 (B) 16
(C) 17                         (D) 18
12. Who is US ambassador to Pakistan?

(A) Abdullah Haroon (B) Cameron Mentor

13. Who is Pakistan ambassador to United Nations?

(A) Masood Khan                        (B) Abdullah Haroon

(C) Cameron Mentor                 (D) Hussain Haqani

14. Where does the business train go to and from?

(A) Karachi Islamabad                         (B) Lahore Islamabad

(C) Rawalpindi Lahore                        (D)Lahore Karachi

15. What is the name of an Oscar-winning documentary of ShirmeenObaid?

(A) 12 Years a Slave                   (B)Saving Face

(C) Gravity                                   (D) All of these

16. What drug was reported to be the cause of death in Punjab instituted of cardiology?

(A) Insulin            (B)penicillin              (C) isotab (D) None of These

17. What is the cost of stamp of Arfa Karim released on her birthday?

(A) Rs 7 (B)Rs 8  (C) Rs 9                      (D) Rs 10

18. Who is Pakistan ambassador to the US?

(A) Hussain Haqqani                 (B) Jalil Abbas Jilani  (C) MH Isphahani                   (D) Hina Rabbani

19. Who is the first female foreign affairs minister of Pakistan?

(A) Maryam Nawaz (B) Sherry Rehman (C) Marvi Memon (D) Hina Rabbani

20. What is the_cause of Mehran Bank scandal?

A) Foreign Transactions                         ( B) Illegal Trade

(C) Ulegal Purchase Of                           (D)Illegal Fund To Politicians

21. Which English cricketer was jailed for spot-fixing?

(A pendulkar                                (B) Mervyn Westfield

(C) Shahid Afridi                        (D) Waseem Akram

22. Where were academy awar0s,2O12 held?

(A) Sydney                                 (B) Los Angeles  (C) Malibu                             (D) Turkey

23. Christain Wulff, who resigned as head of state belonged to which country?

(A) Los Angeles                         (B) Sydney                            (C)Germany (D) Turkey

24. Who is the secretary of state of US?

(A)John Kerry  (B) Hillary                         (C) Bill Gate                             (D) Bill Clinton

25. What is the total number of amendments in the 1973 constitution?

(A) 10                   (B) 20
(C) 16                    (B)40
26. Where are Olympic 2012 were held?

(A) New York                         (B)London (C) Madrid                                          (D) Seoul

27. Pakistan beat England in test series In what ratio?
(A)3 (B) 7
(C)8                         (D) 5
28. Who is the secretary general of the United Nations?

(A)’ Ban ki-Moon (B) Kofi Anan                       (C) Sir Zafrullah                       (D) John Kerry

29. WHO recently declared which country as polio free?

(A) Sydney                    (B) Pakistan                       (C) Malibu                          (D) India

30. Which is the largest seaport of Pakistan

(A) Port of Larkana                           (B) Port of Karachi  (C) Port of Mirani                 (D) Port of Qasim

31.Where is Arfa Karim Software Park located?

(A) Hyderabad                                 (B) Karachi

(C) Lahore  (D) Islamabad

32.Where is Benazir shaheed international airport?

(A)Islamabad  (C) Lahore

(C)Karachi                                   (D)Hyderabad

33.Who is the current cricket chief selector of Pakistan?

(A) Shahid Afridi                                (B) Nayyer Bukhari

(C) All of these                                   (D) Iqbal Qasim 

On which river has Mangla Dem has been built?

(A) Chanab                                (B) Jhelum
(C) Ravi                                      (D)None of These

Who advocated the theory of laissez-faire?

(A) All of these (B) Malthus (C) None of these (D) Adam Smith
which is Siachen glacier?

(A) Baltistan  (B) Hyderabad                          (C) Gilgil                    (D) None of these

37.Pakistan derby horse race, 2012 was won by which horse?
(A) Tiger                        (B)Back Ship                          (C) Arab                     (D)Assassin
38. Who is the current chairman of the senate?

(A) Muhammad Somoroo            (B) Mamnoon Hussain

(C) 0jlal Yasin                                (D) Nayyer Bukhari

39. What does light year measure?

(A) Distance Btw Stars (B) Speed                         (C) Water Flow                  (D) Viscosity

40. Which is the hardest substance on earth?

(A) Gold                         (B) Silicon                             (C) Hydrogen                        (D) Diamond

41. What happens to the temperature of boiling water on a higher elevation?

(A) Increases                           (B) Decreases  (C) Stays the same                      (D) May or may not change

42. Which disease is caused by dogs?

(A)Rikets                                                     (B) Scurvy                              (C) Rabies  (D) None of these

What is the temperature of the human body in Fahrenheit?

(A)97                                (B) 99
(C) 96                              (D ) None of these

43.Swimming pool water is disinfected by which chemical?
(A)Nitric Acid                   (B) Acetic acid                    (C) Urea                     (D) Chlorine

44. Blindness is caused by a deficiency of which vitamin?

(A)Vit. A  (B)Vit. B                (C)Vit. C                  (D)Vit. D

45. vitamin C is richest in which fruit?
(A)Guava (B) Apple
(C)Mango                              (D) None of these

46. Soda water carbonated by adding what
(A)H2o                              (B) O2                        (C) Co2  (D) None of these

47.One mile has how many kilometres?

(A)1.60934 (B)2.60934

(C)3.60934                              (D)4.60934

48. What is the Unit of Energy?

(A)Newton     (B) Joule (C) KG  (D) None of these

49. electric bulb made of?

(A) Silicon                       (B)Graphite                      (C)Tungsten  (D) Carbon

50. What is added in lead pencils?

(A) Graphite (B) Silicon                     (C) Tungsten                       (D) Mercury

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