Abbreviation of word

In these, we teach you about the most use abbreviations for words. The term initialism uses a similar regularity, but the account is decided letter by letter.

D.I.G : Deputy Inspector-General , USA United States of America U.N.O: united nation organization. And last but not least, there are symbols and/or units of advertence, similar minute for minute or kg for the kilogram.

A. Bomb:
(A) Automatic bomb.
(B) Atom bomb
(C) Air bomb
(D) Ante bomb
(A) Azad Jammu and Kashmir
(B) Asian Journalists of Kashmir
(C) Azad Jamiat of Kashmir
(D) Advanced Jamaat of Karachi
A.D. B. P.
(A) Asian Development Board of Productivity
(B) Associate Dean Board of Peace
(C) Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan 
(D) Azad Development Board of
A. M. C:
(A) Audit Manual Council
(B) Agha MedicalCollege
(C) Asian Medical Council
(D) Army Medical College
A. P. P.
(A)Associated Press of Pakistan
(B) Asian Pictures of Peace
(C) Applied Power Precautions
(D) Allied Press of Pakistan

(A) Associated Sub-Inspector
UO Army Sub-lnchargc
(C) Asian Society Institute
(H) Assistant Sub-Inspector
7. B.B.C
(A) British Board Council
(B) Bachelor Board Corporation
(C) British Broadcasting Corporation
(D) British Broadcasting Council
8. B.C
(A) Before Christ
(B) Basic Civics
(C) Bank Council
(D) Before Commerce
9. B.SC:
(A) Border Security
(B) Bachelor of Science
(C) Before Science
(D) Bachelor of Security
10. C.A. A :
(A) Cash Account Agency
(B) Capital Affairs Agency
(C) Civil Aviation Association
(D) Civil Aviation Authority
11. C.B.A:
(A) Civil Board Association
(B) Collective Bargaining Agent
(C) Central Bank Authority •
(D) Collective Board Agent
12. C.J.:
(A) Common Journalism
(B) Civil Justice
(C) Chief Justice
(D) Crime Journalism
13. C. B. R.:
(A) Central Board of Revenue
(B) Central Board of Ratification
(C) Central Bank Rate
(D) Central Bank of Russia
14. C.N.N:
(A) Commonwealth News .Network
(B) Corporate National News
(C) Cable News Network
(D) Central News Network

15. C.S.S.:

(A) civil society services
(B) Civic Sense Society
(C) Corporate Superior Society

16. C.T.B.T

(A) Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
(B) Central Trading Ban Treaty
(L) Colton Trading Board of Taxes
(D) Community Test Board Treaty
17. D.C:
(A) DOP Commissioner            (B) David Cross

(C) Deputy Commissioner (D) Development Council
18. D.I.G.:
(A) Divisional Incharge Government
(B) Deputy Incharge of Government
(C) Divisional Inspector-General
(D) Deputy Inspector-General
19. E. A. C;
(A) Extra Associated Committee
(B) Export Assistant Council
(C) Extra Assistant Commissioner
(D) European Association of Currency
20. E.C.O.:
(A) Executive Committee Ordinance
(B) European Cooperative Organisation
(C) Export Commissioner Office
(D) Economic Cooperation Organisation
21. E.P.B.:
(A) Export Promotion Bureau
(B) Economic Planning Board
(C) European Peace Board
(D) Export Planning Bureau
22. F.I A.:
(A) Federal Investment Agency
(B) Federal Investigation Agency
(C) First Information Audit
(D) Flying Information Authority
23. G.A.T.T.:
(A) General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
(B) General Assembly of Traffic and Transport
(C) Great Advertising of Trading and Transport
(D) Grand Authority of Taliban Training
24. G. D. P.:
(A) Ground Duty of Police

(B) General Domestic Product
(C) Gross Development Product
(D) Gross Domestic Product
25. G. P. O.: 
(A) General Power Officer
(B) Gulf Power Oflicc
(C) General Post Office
(D) Government Post Office
26. H.B.F.C.:
(A) House Building Finance Corporation
B) Habib Bank finance Committee
(C) House Building Federal Committee
(D) House Building Federal Commission
(A) Housing Commission
(B) High Court
(C) High Committee
(D) Honourable Court
28. H. T. V.:
(A) House Television Video
(B) Heavy Trunk Vehicle
(C) Heavy Transport Vehicle
(D) Heavy Traffic Vehicle
29. I.B.M.:
(A) International Board of Managers
(B) Institute of Bankers and
(C) International Business Motive
(D) International Business Machines
30. I. C. J.:
(A) International Council of Judges
(B). International Court of Justice
(C) International Committee of Justice
(D) Islamic Council of Judges
31. I.L.O.:
(A) International Law Organisation
(B) Islamic Labour Organisation
(C) Islamic Law Officer
(D) International Labour Organisation
32. I. S .O.:
(A) Islamic Students Organisation
(B) International Service
(C) International Standardisation Organisation
(D) International Services Officer
33. I.M.F
(A) International Monetary Fund
(B) International Maritime Force
(C) International Monitoring Fund
(D) Islamic Mutual Fund
34. K.D.A.:.
(A) Kohistan Development Authority
(B) Karachi Development Association
(C) Karachi Development Authority
(D) Kashmir Development Authority
35. L.B.W.:
(A) Look Before Wicket
(B) Leg Before Wicket
(C) Line Before Wicket
(D) Line Between Wicket
36. L.D.A.:
(A) Legal Development Association
(B) Light Duty Association
(C) Local Development Authority
(D) Lahore Development Authority
37. M.B.A.:
(A) Muslim Board Authority ‘
(B) Master of Business Administration
(C) Master of Business Accountants
(D) Municipal Board of Arts
38. M.N. A.:
(A) Member of National Assembly
(B) Member of Narcotics Association
(C) Mayor of National Assembly
(D) Ministry of Narcotics Abuses

39. M. Sc.:
(A) Muslim Security
(B) Missile Science
(C) Medical Science
(D) Master of Science
40. N.A.M.:
(A) National Association of Medicine
(B) National Agricultural Members
(C) Non-Aligned Movement
(D) Nor,-Aligned Muslims
41. N. A. T. O.:
(A) North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
(B) Non-Aligned Treaty Organisation
(C) Non-Aligned Trading Organisation
(D) North American Transport Ordinance
42. N. C. C. :
(A) National Cadet Council
(B) National Cadet Corps 
(C) New Cadet Corps
(D) National Credit Council
43. N. I. C.:
(A) New Industrial Council
(B) National Insurance Card
(C) National Identity Card
(D) National Investment Corporation
44. O.S.D.:
(A) Officer in Search of Duty
(B) Overseas States Development
(C) Officer of Security Department
(D) Officer on Special Duty
45. P. C. O. :
(A) Passenger Call Office
(B) Public Call Office
(C) Punjab Council Officer
(D) Public Call Order
46. P.I.A.:
(A) Pakistan International .Airlines
(B) Pakistan International Agency
(C) Pakistan Industrial Affairs
(D) Pakistan Investment Authority
47. P.M.L.
(A) Pre-Mature Loan
(B) Pakistan Muslim League
(C) Provincial Muslim League
(D) Pre-Medical Line
(A) Social Security Programme
(B) Sub-Superintendent of Police
(C) Senior Superintendent of Police
(D) Senior Superior Police
 49. S. T. N.:
(A) Social Technical Number
(B) Shalimar Television Nationwide
(C) Shaheen Television Network
(D) Shalimar Television Network
50. U. N. O.:
(A) United National Organisation
(B) United Nations Organisation
(C) United News Office
(D) Under National Officer

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